Mommy Don’t Do That

Before I became a stay at home mom, I had this mental list of things that I figured SAHMs were “supposed” to do. I spent the better part of the first five years of SAHM-hood dedicating myself to doing it all and driving myself insane in the process.

I’m older now and arguably wiser. (More mature? Definitely not.) During the last two years especially, I’ve come to the realization that: Moms don’t have to Do It All and the ones that say they do are either a) lying b) robots or c) one broken crayon from insanity.

So yeah, I’ve said screw it to doing it all. I’ve prioritized and figured out what I can stop doing. Here’s three of them:

Craft. After years of working under the assumption that a SAHM must be able to craft, and an incredible amount of optimism and Jo-Anns’s 40% off coupons, I’ve come to accept that I am craft impaired. I have some basic skills but I have come to accept that crafting is neither a talent nor a passion of mine so I won’t spend more time on it.

Fold laundry.  Laundry is a maddening Sisyphean task, a fact that never fails to confuse me because The Hubs ™ and I have such tiny wardrobes. (Seriously, my wardrobe consists of 5 Doctor Who shirts on rotation, a few pairs of pants and clothes that are better left described as “house clothes” ie, “Well, I’m not naked…”)

It’s a must do but damned if I hate putting forth the effort. So I cut out the most time consuming portion of it: folding. We wear nothing that needs to be pressed and rooting through the drawers at any given time ruins the effect, so why bother?

Laundry gets done regularly and sorted into Daddy, Mommy and Baby piles, which is to say that the “Baby” pile is easily double either of Mommy or Daddy’s For TLE, I’ll further separate hers into socks/undies, bottoms and tops, all of which get shoved into her dressers.

Fuss over TLE’s clothing. When raising a child as creative and independent minded as TLE can be, there’s bound to be struggles.If she’s happy with her clothing choice and I’m satisfied she’s not exposing herself to the possibilities of hyper or hypothermia, we’re good. She can go out in whatever she wants within reason, ie. being seasonably appropriate and reasonably clean. Which has meant that she has been out in public with her shirt and/or shorts backwards, her socks mismatched, wearing popbead jewelry and/or her latest wearable art project.

What don’t you do?

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  1. Nicole M says

    I don’t clean as much as I used to (before I started homeschooling)…I clean when people are coming over and only the downstairs, since that’s usually where we are entertaining!

    That’s probably the main thing I don’t do….

    What do I do?….I do my best to stay calm and patient with my children and husband. I take time to listen and talk to them. I do my best to read as much as possible…which isn’t as much as I would like. Being a homeschool mom to three kids (elementary, middle and high school) and a Classical Conversations tutor keeps my days full. I go to have coffee with my husband so we can connect regularly. (the blessing of having a 16 year old…she watches the 6 year old for me!) I nurture my friendships….they keep me on the straight and narrow of my homeschooling adventure. Thanks for allowing me to share!

    I’m enjoying your blog….and we love Dr. Who over here too!

  2. Lissa says

    I stopped making lunches for my son. Yeah, I know. sue me!! hahah.. I’ve resorted to paying for his school lunch and I’m totally fine with it. I know it’s not homemade/organic what have you but my main concern is that he eats something.

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