My Reminder

All smiles

It’s alarming to realize how is easy it is to lose sight of what’s important. Try as I might to balance motherhood and building my writing business, I can’t help but feel that I am failing in both. More than once, I have entertained the idea of returning to the corporate world, trying to convince myself that this was for the better.With more money, we’ll be less stressed out. We can take her on vacations, buy her more toys.

And then, TLE will do something. She’ll smile. Or laugh. Or tell me how much she loves the playdough I just made for her. Or we’ll nap together on a whim after preschool. Or I’ll look at a photo I took of her just a few months ago, how different she looks now, and wonder to myself, Where did the time go?

And all at once I’m reminded about what’s important, all the things that I swore that I’d never take for granted.

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